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  • When can you write a review? : You can write a review on RateInc. about a company if you have had a buying or service experience with that company, which means that: (a):you have purchased a product or service from a company, an organisation, a web service, etc. ("the Company"), or (b): you have placed an order with the Company, or (c): you can otherwise document your use of the Company's service, including via correspondence or other interaction with the Company.
  • You may only write about your own personal Service Experience. You are not permitted to write a review about somebody else's Service Experience, such as that of a family member or friend. You may not write a review about a Company you have previously owned, currently own, or which an immediate family member currently owns, or if you are an executive or employee of that Company, or work for the Company. Similarly, you may not write a review about a direct competitor to the Company you own, are employed by or work for.
  • To write a review on RateInc., you need a user profile and account. You may only have one user profile and account. This must be attached to a valid email address that we can use to contact you directly.