What Are Facebook Page Roles & How To Assign Facebook User Roles?

If you’ve ever visited a Facebook page, you’ll notice different individuals with attached designations to them – admin, editor, etc. Facebook enables businesses to have multiple people act as managers of their pages. In fact, it allows six different page roles. Admin The admin has the most authority and access of all the Page manager roles. An admin can manage and assign all other Page roles and s...[Read More]

Is Your Facebook Account Locked – Get it Unlocked Now

Facebook has offered relish success to the business world as well as at personal level for the users since its inception in 2006. Different activities conducted by users while using Facebook account such as creating posts on business fan page, updating product images, promoting their business module to audience across the globe, getting likes, boosting posts has helped them gain terrific response ...[Read More]

Facebook Assistance – How Do I Contact Facebook Customer Service Number?

You Can Always Find Support Options Available To You at: https://www.facebook.com/business/resources NOTE ON PHONE SUPPORT: We do not post a phone number for Facebook support. If you see a phone number for Facebook support, it is a scam. Facebook works collaboratively with other companies affected by this type of problem to increase the effectiveness of our enforcement against the groups that prom...[Read More]