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AT&T U-verse Customer Service
AT&T U-verse Customer Service
AT&T U-verse, commonly called U-verse, was an AT&T brand of triple-play telecommunications services, although the brand is now only used in reference to the IPTV service. Wikipedia
Founded: June 26, 2006; 11 years ago
Parent: AT&T Communications; (AT&T Inc.)
Parent company: AT&T

AT&T U-verse customer service

We don’t expect much from customer service, and that’s what we got.

We’re not going to blow anyone’s mind with the suggestion that customer service for a telecommunications company is subpar. AT&T’s U-verse meets the same very, very low standards as virtually all of its competitors. In fairness, things could arguably be worse.

U-verse scored a 69 (out of 100) on the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2015 survey of over 14,000 customers. The average score for national and regional television service providers was 71 (the lowest average of all 11 industries that the ACSI surveys). Following AT&T’s merger with DIRECTV, the company’s managers promised to address this, but we won’t hold our breath.


  • More than 550 channels
  • Fiber-optic network


  • Higher regular rates
  • Separate HD fees
  • Below average DVRs

AT&T U-verse doesn’t have a phone number. Like a growing number of companies with free web-based services, you have to search forums and support sites for help. But you can get an instant customer support by calling us at our customer service phone number USA +1-877-221-0648 UK + 44-XXX-XXX-XXXX Toll Free.


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